Euro Glam was founded in 2005. Initially the company had been specializing in creation of Ballroom and Latin-American dance dresses for competitive dancers and accessories for them only. Our dresses are special and unique and we guarantee our quality. We are working with fabrics from England, Italy and Japan mostly. For stones we use Swarovski mostly hot-fixed crystals. The company policy – never repeat the same dress design even in a different color. Nobody wants to see the similar dress on the dancing floor as yours. After several years on the market we realized that gentlemen needed the outfits for competition as well, so we decided to handle the men’s staff as well. Currently we offer outfits for International Standard, International Latin-American, American Smooth and American Rhythm competitive dancing. Also we expanded our variation of accessories for ladies and gentlemen. So at that moment we provided everything to our customers except dancing shoes.

Our business was located in our house and to support the growing volume of proposed items we had to build the addition to our house. And we thought that this space would be good for us.

But when the owner of Back Bay Dancewear, Fern Patterson had been retired and her store changed the assortment of dancing shoes many of our New England customers were asking us to handle the ballroom and latin dance shoes as well. This was the reason why we decided to expand our business and in 2016 we opened the retail store “Euro Glam Dance Boutique” in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Our store offers the ballroom and latin dance wear for competitions, show cases, social dancing, and practice. We offer clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Great shoes selection of Supadance, Ray Rose, Galex, G.Franco, BD Dance, Stephanie, and Go-Go.

Because it’s the retail store we decided to provide ballroom dance outfits and shoes for kids and teenagers as well.

In April 2017 we launched our online store euroglamdanceboutique.com where we are trying to offer what we have in our retail store excluding gowns and dresses for dance competitions. Because we think that every woman is unique and everyone has a different body shape and the dress that is looking great on one person could be not so good on the other one but our company wants to see the perfect dress on the perfect lady. So it needs the personal fitting and we could give the suggestions what accessories the lady could wear with the chosen gown.  Everything she could find in our retail store.  The other reason why we don’t offer our gowns and dresses in online store is that we don’t want them to be repeatable by somebody before the dress is not sold. If you want to see some of our designs please visit us on Facebook.

You could visit us at our retail store:


Euro Glam Dance Boutique
20 Broadway, Norwood MA, 02062
(781) 349-8458


The store will temporarily be open by appointment only.
To setup the time please call at (781) 801-3658.


Our temporarily working hours:
Mon: 12pm - 5pm
Tue: 12pm - 7pm
Wed: 12pm - 7pm
Thu: Closed
Fri: 12pm - 7pm
Sat: By Appointments Only
Sun: Closed


Thank you for your understanding.


Please call to us before your visit. The store could be closed due to the vendoring on competition.