• Aery Jo Tanning Powder
  • Aery Jo Tanning Powder
  • Aery Jo Tanning Powder
  • Aery Jo Tanning Powder

Aery Jo Cosmetics

Aery Jo Tanning Powder


1 - Hawaiian Tan
2 - Bronzing Tan


Aery Jo tanning powder enhances and lends a three-dimensional look to your tan by using a blend of colored pearl powder. The pearl powder boosts the natural radiance of the skin while evening out complexion, while while adding a beautiful luster. Apply this lightweight, silky powder evenly on the skin to achieve a deep Hawaiian tan with a smooth, shimmery and natural looking finish.

#1 Hawaiian Tan - Glowing, Healthy, and Powerful color

#2 Bronzing Tan - Glowing, Smooth and Gorgeous color

Size: 20 gram

How to use:
1. Squeeze the desired amount of liquid foundation onto your skin and, using both sides of tanning brush, begin evenly applying foundation in zig-zag motions to make smooth.
2. After achieving desired tan with Aery Jo tanning makeup, apply Aery Jo tanning powder evenly to the face using the tanning brush for a boost of radiance.
3. If some of the tanning makeup is removed or stained due to sweating or touching, use a cosmetic puff to absorb sweat and apply tanning powder with the brush to correct the spot and blend into a natural tone.

To prevent makeup from hardening and damaging the brush, clean brush with makeup remover or soap and water to remove excess product.