• Heel Protectors (Suede Tip) - GFranco Heel 2.5"
  • Heel Protectors (Suede Tip) - GFranco Heel 2.5"

FPH Gala

Heel Protectors (Suede Tip) - GFranco Heel 2.5"



GFranco Shoes Heel Protectors called as well as heel cover or heel guard, help prevent damage to heels, floors and other dancers.


One pair ( 2 pcs )


Fits to the following GFranco models:

  • Mystique - heel 2.5 inch
  • Artemisia - heel 2.5 inch
  • Gem - heel 2.5 inch
  • Onyx - heel 2.5 inch
  • Sol - heel 2.5 inch

It's primary heel protectors for GFranco Shoes. Could fit to different dance shoes brands with similar heel types. Check the shoe heel dimensions.

WARNING: It is not recommended that once the heel protector is put onto the heel to remove the heel protector except to replace them or discontinue its use. When removing the heel protector, it should be cut off and not pulled or twisted off. Twisting the heel protector to remove it may cause the heel tip to become dislodged. Once the heel tip is dislodged, the heel tip may fall off the heel or spin around causing the shoe/heel to be unstable.